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The following quotes relate to recent company insolvencies that have had some serious impacts on New Zealand businesses:

Mainzeal had low profit margins but construction companies can be cash cows, if they are properly governed, because they always get paid first and then pay their subcontractors at a later date. Thus, subcontractors effectively fund the construction group until they get paid. However, the subcontractors are in a terrible position if the company goes bust because they are unsecured creditors and are unlikely to be paid until all obligations to secured creditors have been met.

Brian Gaynorcommenting on Mainzeal collapse

Bella Vista Homes went into voluntary liquidation on November 30 last year, leaving behind unfinished houses and millions of dollars in outstanding debts to creditors. The latest liquidators’ report showed Bella Vista Homes had just $28 with which to pay more than $4m to creditors.

Stuff ReportSeptember 5, 2018

Julian Oxborough is losing $70,000 a month as one of his cranes stands idle because of the collapse of Ebert Construction. Hardly anyone saw Ebert’s collapse coming. Despite warnings that more construction companies are due to fall, it was one of the country’s larger building companies and had every appearance of being solid.

Stuff ReportOctober 20, 2018

The company started to experience cashflow difficulties in recent times due to disputes, delays and cost overruns on two large multi-million dollar sub-contract projects recently completed by the company. The company’s inability to recover the payment claims lodged by the company on these projects have resulted in large losses on these projects which had an inevitable flow-on effect on the company’s cashflow.

LiquidatorMaven Interiors Ltd

Did You Know.....that around 82% of businesses fail due to cashflow problems?

As a business owner how do you know if your customers will actually be able to pay you?

A CreditGuard© credit audit is a very cost effective way of identifying payment risks and implementing strategies to minimise losses due to non-payment by customers


give yourself peace of mind by having your debtors ledger professionally audited

Ensure your recovery chances are optimised

It is part of usual business risk to sell goods or services on credit. Businesses generally run cashflow on monthly cycles and it is very important to your business that you pay your suppliers when they expect to be paid.

In order to achieve this you, of course, need the cash available and this is generally made available by your credit customers paying you. If they don’t this could lead to difficulties including your suppliers putting you on stop supply, or you having to fund the cashflow difference by borrowing. Neither of these options are particularly attractive.

A much easier path, and a cheaper one, is to ensure your customers pay you when expected. However, whilst not expensive to achieve, it does require a certain amount of expertise. And this is where a CreditGuard© credit audit can help.

Your debtors ledger will be professionally audited including: risk assessing your current customers (that is, determining the probability of payment default at a future point), reviewing current security arrangements, reviewing documentation (including terms of trade, application forms and securities), exploring options to reduce payment default risk and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

If you want to ensure you get paid on time every month can you really afford NOT to have CreditGuard©?

Approximate Cost

As a rule of thumb CreditGuard© will cost $15 per ledger customer (plus GST) with a minimum fee of $450. So, for example, if you have 40 customers who you regularly supply to on credit, CreditGuard© will cost only around $600+GST. Please note that this is only a guide, complete the form below to allow us to give a specific quote for your particular circumstances.

CreditGuard© Scope

  • Payment default risk assessment by customer
  • Overall ledger credit risk assessment
  • Credit application form review
  • Terms of Trade review
  • PPSA compliance review
  • Legal entity review
  • Current overdue payment metrics
  • Overall risk assessment
  • Options and Recommendations

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Extending credit to customers is just a normal part of doing business so it may not seem that there is much to be achieved by determining a customer's credit risk. But it is a fact that some customers will be low risk whilst others will be of higher risk of not paying you. So can anything be done? Fortunately, the answer is "yes, quite a lot". The information on this page will give you a little insight on how you can protect yourself, but if you have any questions specific to your own business that you would like answered then please complete the form on the right and ask away! We'll do our best to answer as fully and as quickly as we can.